Starting my journey with Hashnode

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·Jun 6, 2021·

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Starting my journey with Hashnode

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Why I want to start writing blogs
  • What I am doing now
  • Last weeks goals

In this post, I introduce myself, explain why I want to start blogging, speak about what I am doing currently and see how may of the last weeks goals I completed.


Hello beautiful people on the internet.

I am Yahyaa, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate(almost). I enjoy working on automation, cloud and data engineering.

I was looking around to host my website with a blog and portfolio, but I wasted a lot of time to not find anything good fit for my needs.

Thus, I have decided to use Hashnode as a starting point for my blog. After all, who wouldn't love to have a completely managed platform to use with minimal setup.

I plan to blog at least once a week, preferable two-three times.

After sometime, I think I'll build a custom website for my portfolio. Who knows.

Why I want to start writing blogs

My primary reasons are:

  • I really need a blog to document my journey so that I know what I have been doing when I look back.
  • I want to improve my writing skills.
  • I want to connect with new people.

What I am doing now

Currently, I am learning AWS. I am using ACloudGuru to prepare for Solutions Architect Associate Exam. I do not know if I will write the exam, but I plan to finish the learning material and do a couple of hands on projects to solidify my knowledge.

I will be attempting the A Cloud Guru #CloudGuruChallenge – Event-Driven Python on AWS challenge. Also, Hashnode and HarperDB have a hackathon going on. Might as well use HaperDB to participate in the challenge. Two birds with one stone (why not ?).

Last weeks goals

High Priority

✅ Understand and complete the ACG AWS SAA course (I am halfway through, so it counts a little bit)

Low Priority

⬜ Work on a few exploratory data analysis projects I had planned to complete.

( I don't know how to add checkbox - [ ] to the blog like I normally do in github markdown files.)

Looking forward to the future.


Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

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